• Use only Highest Quality Product
  • Use select  species of wood
  • Believe is Time and Temps
  • Follow your passion
  • Strangers are friends we haven't met yet.
  • Patience is a virtue when its low and slow.
  • Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for GS!

P Dub’s has devoted countless hours and several years to the perfection of their brisket…This cut of meat can be a challenge to cook properly, however we have perfected the combination of seasoning, time, smoke, temps and love.

Chicken lovers rejoice! Our slow smoked, all white meat, chicken breasts will astound you. As if the flavor wasn’t enough, our chicken could possibly be the most amazing poultry you’ll ever eat.    

Our baby back pork ribs are personally selected and cared for by our pit masters. We begin our process by rubbing the ribs with our own blend of spices. Our ribs are then cooked low and slow, that can take upwards of six hours to ensure that they are as tender and juicy as possible.  

P Dub’s begins with a USDA Choice Boston Butt that has been rubbed with our own blend of spices. We then slow cook the Boston Butt until the meat has reached its ideal temp and texture.  

Precious Pork

A combination of a lifelong quest, a food awakening, and a lack of amazing BBQ led us to providing this service to NE. Fans of food and our love of Southern BBQ has grown from a personal passion to an all- out addiction.  Luckily for our family, friends, and customers (also considered friends and family) we’re able to provide you with a little taste of our Southern Hospitality and amazing BBQ.

This is our passion, and we are extremely happy and blessed to be able to share our artistry with you and our family!!!

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